13 May 2008

Grand Mal, the rapper

Back in the day my rap name was Cool Wip. Now and then I come up with other names that I think would be cooler.

I always thought Big Lots! would make for a dope rape alias.

Today I came up with another: Grand Mal, as in grand mal seizure. What do u think?

YO, this is Grand Mal. What up?

It's Grand mal, the tonic, the clonic
Making mad noise like Youth Sonic
Loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions
I get on the mic and I make it happen
Abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain
When you hear my name you think of pain
Grand mal seizure be affectin' all ages
I'm a tiger in a zoo bustin out of mad cages
The Tonic phase - Loss of consciousness as your muscles contract
The Clonic phase - The muscles get rhythmic flex then relax


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