08 May 2008

Hallelujah: NBC to Launch 24-Hour Local NYC News Channel

I've said it a thousand times: NY1 really drives me crazy.

Anytime something is breaking in the city the LAST place I'll go to is NY1 because 9 times out of 10 while a borough is on fire, NY1 is rolling some canned news cycle from 7 hours ago.

If you're gonna call yourself "New York One" then act like it! If a story is unfolding in NEW YORK CITY I wanna turn on NEW YORK 1 and see whats up - I wanna see people ON THE SCENE, reporting, otherwise don't call yourself NY1, bitch.

I don't wanna see CANNED FOOTAGE of Dominic Carter's neck eating his chin while he interviews Commissioner Sadik-Khan about some bullshit or the canned top story cycle by Kristen Shaughnessy taped once at 9 AM and replayed all day long. The whole damn station is CANNED.

NY1 COULD be so much more than it is and now someone else has realized it. In comes the motherfucking peacock. Move the fuck over, NY1. You snooze, you lose, you've lost.

NBC is launching a 24-hour local news channel this fall. Hallefuckingluja. I've also said 10,000,000 times that someone should just stick a goddamn camera in the 1010 WINS air studio and broadcast that and this sounds like its gonna be as close to that as you can get.

Finally a 24-hour exclusive NYC news channel. That "News 12" is worse than the McKinkley A/V club. No one can get it right. NBC better not fuck this up.

NBC to Start News Channel in New York {NYT}


Anonymous said...

Double Hallelujah! Although I will miss that chick with the crazy eye!

Anonymous said...

"Dominic Carter's neck eating his chin" is this a fatjoke?