07 May 2008

People Angry Over Spray-Painting of Williamsburg Turtle

Apparently Williamsburg has a beloved neighborhood turtle I didn't know about. Probably escaped from some idiots loft because he was sick of the irony and bedbugs.

The turtle, known as Myrtle, was recently found roaming the backyards near Roebling Street and Union Ave with a fresh coat of garish orange paint on its shell.

Residents have speculated that Myrtle the turtle was sprayed as a prank at a nearby construction site where workers use paint of the same color.

Some bloggers who focus on Brooklyn real estate and development have latched onto the turtle's plight as a symbol of unscrupulous construction in the borough.

"I've probably done a thousand posts about illegal construction and violating regulations with impunity but this probably ticked me off more than anything," said Robert Guskind, founder of the Gowanus Lounge blog, in Tuesday editions of Newsday. "In the grand scheme I know it's symbolic, but it really makes my blood boil."

Chesney said she tried unsuccessfully to remove the paint from the box turtle's shell. "You can't use solvents or paint removers," she said. "That's not good for the turtle."

I remember growing up around Oliver Street there was a squirrel someone had spray painted. His belly was bright orange, too. We always wondered how someone could even catch a squirrel.


"I'm on it, boys"


WIBR said...

I'm no fascist, but I think all involved in this Williamsburg douche-fest should be killed. Am I wrong?

Unknown said...

Yes , you are wrong. If you are so bothered by us douche bags, ignore us. On second thought, bring it you jaded old fuck.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what kind of turtle this is?

Anonymous said...

what kind of turtle is this? i need to know what i should feed mine.