09 May 2008

Remembering Tippy the Turtle

I used to eat lunch and watch the Odd Couple before going to preschool. I'd see Richard Hughes on WPIX asking "What's your opinion? We'd like to know" and I'd see these classic commercials for the Art Instruction Institute.

"Have you ever wanted to draw? Do you like to doodle? Well take our simple at-home art test by drawing a pirate or a turtle and send it in and we'll evaluate it and turn you into a real living, breathing artist!"

I sent away for the little take-home test pamphlet thing and I drew "Tippy the Turtle" as best as I could. The wrote me back a few months later and said I had what it takes but unfortunately I was too young. True story.

Years later I was accepted to the High School of Art and Design and LaGuardia High School of Art but I didn't go. I pursued music instead and went to an all-boys Catholic High School. Go figure.

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