25 May 2008

Suggested Reading

Powerlines : Words that Sell Brands, Grip Fans, and Sometimes Change History by Steve Cone

Rife with real life examples of how the perfect words can turn an ordinary product into an extraordinary brand, Powerlines is a marketing professionals canon on how words sell. Marketing veteran Steve Cone explores phrases, lines and expressions so well-written and compelling that we can't forget them-no matter how hard we try.

Cone (author of the widely revered Steal These Ideas!) mines memorable phrases in politics, movies, television and advertising for the hows and whys of their success. Cone declares that all enterprises "rise or fall on powerful lines, mottos, and sayings."

Marketers, advertisers, campaign managers and smooth talkers looking for inspiration could hardly find a better resource. This book could just about replace Marketing for Dummies.

Check it out, Yo.

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