05 May 2008

There are days when perusing Slate is like listening to Siouxsie's "Juju" record; it just makes me wonder why I even bother. Today happens to be one of those days. Enjoy:

* Editors Note: What happened to Eight Belles at The Derby was awful but today I am glad Big Brown is being forced to share the headlines with her tragedy. It is very important and it's time people faced the music about horse racing. Should horses run this young? Is a 20-horse field too filled with danger? Should fillies be running against males? Does medication play any role in this? Are dirt surfaces, such as those at each Triple Crown track, more dangerous than grass or the new synthetic surfaces? Has breeding caused a weakening of the talent pool? Is horse racing completely fucked up and brutal and is it time for this barbaric "sport" to be exposed?

Death of Eight Belles leaves cloud over race track {USA Today}

She ran the race of her 3-year-old life, and that was cause for celebration. But only briefly. She went out in glory.

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