13 June 2008

vérité dans fiction

(Elizabeth Hurley's boobs feat. Denis Leary's Golden Girls hairdo.)

I've always sorta liked Denis Leary. I think the first time I saw him was on Remote Control back in the day in some skit.

I thought it was corny how he (or whoever decided it was a good idea) tried to revamp himself into some kind of leading man heartthrob with Rescue Me, but whatever. So be it.

Anyway, so apparently Denis is best friends with Elizabeth Hurley. He's also the godfather to Hurley's son. But surpirse, surprise Denis' wife, Ann, is not-so-secretly into this whole situation.

In Ann Leary's new novel, "Outtakes From a Marriage", there's an entire character plot line not-so-loosely based on the awkward Elizabeth / Denis situation.

In the book she's got a movie-star character named Susanna Mercer who's Australian, has a perfect body and "only dates billionaires."

The kid Denis is a godfather to is Hurley's son with billionaire Steve Bing. Hurley is now married to software mogul Arun Nayar.

"Joe Ferraro" the fictitious husband in the novel, is the star of TV's "The Squad." He "has a schoolboy crush" on the actress.

Oh boy... this is ugly. I'm still not gonna read a novel though.

See you in the non-fiction aisle.

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