25 June 2008

Further Blurring The Lines Betwixt Soda and Shampoo

They always test this kind of shit out overseas first. The last place it hits is America. By the time it hits our shores its old news but marketed to us as "NEW!"

I remember some of the crazy shit we saw on our early Euro tours. I distinctly remember foolishly trying this peppermint flavored soda. It was fucking nasty. Tasted like I was swallowing mouthwash. Yum! And thats what I had chosen to buy at the rest stop before we were stuck in the van for a 10 hour drive.

I doubt the Pepsi Cucumber flavor will fly here in the states but the drink hits stores in Japan this summer. Perhaps you can pour it on a salad?

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Anonymous said...

Apparenty it's supposed to be very refreshing. The Polish shops here have some juices like that. I have not been brave enough to try Birch Tree juice.