23 June 2008

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Since the dawn of time the trust-fund-punx from New Canaan have called Saint Marks their summer home. Begging for change and then heading back to their parents mansion by Labor Day.

And now an 18-year-old punk tells us how it is...

“Suvy calls himself a gutter punk—the closest thing, he says, to the original version. He was kicked out of his home in Philly about a year ago because, he says, “my parents are metal heads and they hate me.” He dropped out of school, couch-surfed for a while, then got picked up for breaking into houses. After seven months in juvie, he had only one plan: getting himself to St. Marks Place. “I heard about St. Marks in a Casualties song,” he says, “so I’m like, ‘Wait a second, I want to hang out there’.”
The Saint Marks Punks {NYM}

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