09 June 2008

Rock n Roll, R.I.P.; AC/DC's new album to be a Wal-Mart exclusive

AC/DC was one of my first favorite bands and they remain in my top 10 all-time.

The boys haven't put out a record since 2000. Well the new one is going to be a Wal-Mart exclusive. This means, at least for America, the only place you'll be able to pick up the new AC/DC disc will be at your local Wal-Mart.

AC/DC joins the hallowed ranks of Garth Brooks, the Eagles and Journey, serious hard rock warriors right there, who've released Wal-Mart only albums.

AC/DC is one of the only major bands yet to make its music available on iTunes.

Last August Verizon snagged the exclusive rights to sell AC/DC's entire back catalog through March 2008. And for those 8 wonderful months Verizon Wireless became the first and only digital music store to offer AC/DC's music online.

However, the deal was limited to full-album downloads, one of the reason's AC/DC's music has not appeared in digital form to date. Since full album downloads are too large and too expensive to sell from mobile phones, Verizon only sold them from the PC version of its VCast Music service for $12 an album.


To rinse this foul news out of my mouth I'm going to listen to "High Voltage" on my warped, beige cassette about 30 times.

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An Attitude Exhumed said...

I don't understand, what does a band gain from selling exclusively through Wal-Mart and not having their albums available on iTunes?

I'm sure it's somehow motivated through money, but doesn't it seem like they'd stand to make more money with their albums on iTunes? I can't remember the last time I stepped inside a fucking Wal-Mart for anything other than wet wipes, but I can tell you the last 5 albums I bought from iTunes.