11 June 2008

Sleepys mascot loses Hitler mustache?! (reprise)

I looked everywhere for some sort of explanation but I couldn't find anything. All I know is somewhere along the way, and recently, the Sleepy's mattress mascot shaved off his curious Hitler mustache. He used to kinda look like the guy from the "time to make the Donuts" commercial and now he looks more like one of The Lockhorns. Less Hitler, more, uh, mattressy.

Was there a board meeting to discuss this? I bet there was.

"Johnson, I just realised our mascot has a Hitler mustache. Call an emergency meeting."

I fired off an email to Sleepy's and asked why Mr. Sleepy had shaved. I am currently awaiting a reply.

A picture of a mattress.


Anonymous said...

You must know how much I love this post. Thank you for making me laugh before stepping on the x-27.
Priscilla of Altamont

Anonymous said...

They are trying to create the false impression that they do not treat their customers they way that Hitler treated the Jews. From my experience, and from the blogs I've read, Sleepy's policy is to harass their customers, rip them off and leave them stranded. Message to all: DON'T RISK IT! DON'T BUY FROM SLEEPY'S.

Anonymous said...

I bought a box spring and frame from Sleepy's in Vails Gate, NY and less than 3 months later the thing collapsed under normal use. It is clearly defective with a bulge sticking out the bottom from a weak supporting rail. They sent out their representative who took pictures and they said the manufacturer's report showed no defect and that there was a stain on the box spring anyway so they could not exchange it. There was no stain. They are lying. The product is clearly defective and they refuse to stand behind their product. I was ripped off plain and simple. Sleepy's is a criminal organization selling inferior, defective products to the public and then refusing to support those products. Their customer service is a bunch of nasty, evil, obnoxious people who are trained to blow people off and provide no service whatsoever. AVOID SLEEPY'S THEY ARE CROOKS AND WILL RIP YOU OFF!

Anonymous said...

I went to the Sleepys in Woonsocket, RI and had a great experience. I found their machine very credible and the store manager Eric was very knowlegeable.
What impressed me most was how I was treated and their genuine concern that I find something that suited the needs of me and my wife. I had a really positive experience from start to finish.