03 June 2008

Sympathy For Lonely Edifices

Like I've said before the only thing more heartbreaking than mute animals in movies is animating the inanimate. But then again, I've felt bad for coffee mugs in the back of my closet before...

That being said, I've been spending a bit of time in Long Island City lately working on a new record for my band, The Former Flying Buscaillos, and everytime I approach the LIC skyline I get all sorts of choked up.

I feel so bad for that damn Citi tower. It looks so fucking lonely out there all by itself.

It reminds me of a little kid and all his friends and he's like "OK guys c'mon lets all run together, ready? Ready? OK, here we goooo!!!!!!!!!!!!" and he starts running and after a few seconds he turns around to see none of his friends have followed him and he's all by himself.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Oh, nobody knows my sorrow...

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Chez said...

That's really just goddamned brilliant -- particularly since the wife and I will be moving out to Astoria soon.

Probably closer to the Hell Gate, where I belong.

Gotham City Insider said...

Haha, very cool.

Astoria is très adorable. Its like a mini-Bay Ridge. But I'm biased. Not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Regardless I have this whole concept that Astoria is actually a "back-up" Bay Ridge. Sorta like Mount Weather but instead of secret tunnels and Continuity of Government operations they both have interchangable fancy coffee cafes and Greek diners.

Oh, and ya gotta love the clogs. Roughly translated into Dutch "Hell Gate" actually means "beautiful strait".

Ha. Right. Sure it does.

Anyway, keep that Citi tower company for me, OK?