26 June 2008

We Kinda Sorta Got Mentioned In The Times

“News of the arrests on Friday, reported in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, was carried on BayRidgeTalk practically in real time. One person created the heading “Cops invade drug house,” and wrote: “Undercover drug detectives have closed off 93rd street between 3rd and 4ave. drug dogs on scene, looks like house is being searched.”

He or she added: “Could this be what we think it is????!!!!!!”

This is classic.

The best part is I actually dictated this post to a good friend of mine over the phone in Southport, Connecticut.

I gave him my log in info and he started the thread for me. I felt like an honest-to-goodness reporter in the old days channeling that scene in "Don't Look Back" when the reporter is dictating the story about Dylan's concert "Period. Paragraph. Semicolon. Comma."

Brooklyn Blog Helps Lead to Drug Raid {NYT}

Cops Crack Down On 93rd Street Drug Den {Brooklyn Eagle}

video Cops Take Down Alleged Drug Dealers in Brooklyn {Fox 5}

video Police, Brooklyn Neighbors Team Up To Bust Alleged Drug House {NY1}

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Anonymous said...

Those guys were fucking hilarious. One time we witnessed them full on brawling from the street, into BR Stars and back into the street again. One of them could always be found buying gold chains at the joint near Bake Ridge. Neighborhood icons.