10 June 2008

We Won't Get Fooled Again!

While you were hard at work today the world called bullshit on two questionable viral e-myths.

First... Remember those pics that were circulating of super welterweight champ Oscar De La Hoya dressed in high heels and fishnets? Yeah, those were total bullshit. Just a really good Photoshop job.

Apparently a 22-year-old stripper was trying to sue De La Hoya for slander, claiming his people urged her to sign an agreement claiming she could not prove the photos were authentic. The stripper said the pictures of De La Hoya in fishnets, high heels and a tutu were taken at a Philadelphia hotel in May 2007.

I had all but forgotten about these pics but today the stripper was forced to drop her $25 million lawsuit after experts concluded the photos she claimed were real had in fact been digitally doctored.


The second bullshit myth debunked today was the latest dude going nuts in his office. The highly believable black & white security camera footage purportedly showing a man going crazy at work and destroying his entire office, along with many of his coworkers—has been confirmed as another dumb fucking viral marketing video campaign for some stupid Russian directors new movie. And you thought the Russians preying on the gullibility of the West was a thing of the past? Ha! Shame on you!

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