12 June 2008

What Could Hurt Her?

The talk of the town this morning (or as the French say le discours de la ville) is Madonna's gay brother and his new tell-all book.

Madonna's bro, Christopher Ciccone, had a falling-out with Mudge a few years ago, right around the time Madonna got all British with Guy Ritchie. Apparently the falling out was over Guy Ritchie's long rumored homophobia.

Madonna's bro wrote the whole book on the DL without her finding out and now he's rushing to put it out before her lawyers can lay the clampdown on it. The Post is saying the book is "It's extremely graphic and devastating."

But what could possibly hurt Madonna at this point? She's the Teflon Donna. She wrote the book on "there's no such thing as bad press". Whatever her brothers book says will only make her seem more eccentric and enigmatic.

Christopher Ciccone — a gay interior decorator/chef once described as "a solid raft for Madonna in the shark-infested waters" — was ditched by his sister after she hooked up with her now husband Guy Ritchie, who sources say was "uncomfortable around queens."

Simon & Schuster is trying rush 350,000 copies into stores next month. Stay tuned.

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