09 June 2008

Woop- woop! That's the sound of da police!

Attention all you teenage schoolyard hard asses out there: It is NOT cool to be wanted by the police and if they wanted you, they'd find you. Don't worry. Keep walking. You're not that cool.

I'll often see a gaggle of idiots walking down the street. They're dressed the part, Yo this, Yo that, whatever. Then a cop car drives by or they see a cop car pulled over at the curb up ahead. And suddenly one of them goes "Yo son, 5-0, yo, 5-0" as if this posse is just SO fucking rebellious and such a bunch of roving rogue outlaws that they need to know that a cop is nearby. And since they are so WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE by the police they need to make contingency plans now that a cop car has been spotted.

Eleven times out of ten the cop is pulled over getting a slice of pizza and has no idea who these high school plastic gangsters are but that doesn't stop them from perpetuating this air of unbridled lawlessness. As if them walking by a cop car unscathed is like John Wayne Gacy being hired as a balloon animal making clown at some detective's daughters birthday party and eluding arrest.

I suppose its not a far cry from the psychology of a serial killer who is desperate to get caught because he wants the attention. He'll have killed 30 people over 30 years and never been caught or even questioned by the cops then suddenly there's a guy on TV saying HE was the killer. Next thing you know after 30 years the real killer fucks up and gets caught because he can't stand someone else taking credit for his crimes which simply boils down to the fact that he can't stand not being wanted - by the cops, by the newspapers, by his parents, by women, etc.

So these dime store hoodlums want that notoriety, too, but they don't really wanna pay for it. They wanna feel like the cops are cruising by looking for one of them simply for being a ruthless thug meanwhile the closest any of them has come to breaking the law was drinking a 40 of Hurricane in the park two weekends ago after dusk. In reality the cops couldn't care less.

You're not that tough. You're not Jesse James or the Unabomber and you're a fucking fool for somewhat wishing the cops were looking for you.

It is NOT cool to be wanted by the cops and trust, if they wanted you, they'd find you. Don't worry. Keep walking and listening to 50 Cent.


Anonymous said...

yeah like you didnt do the same thing, dickwad

Gotham City Insider said...

dickwad? wow. went old school with that one, huh?

Anonymous said...

amen bro.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

you have a gay face.