05 July 2008

Across 110th Street

I've had the past week off in between jobs. I start an exciting new gig on Monday at a private equity firm. My better half is sunning on the Isle of Anna Maria right now as I contemplate firing up the Stuttgart and taking my dog to White Castle all whilst watching the Mets come from behind in the City of Brotherly Love. My week off has been spent catching up on errands and buying new suits at the place where our new, blind Governor shops. Wow, the Mets are really just rubbing the Philies' faces in it right now. Had dinner at the timeless River Café last weekend. That place is straight up magical. 4 July came and went marking a year in this house and a year for this blog. I spent a year working in and around Park & Lexington and now I'll be closer to Fifth Avenue (also known as the street that Barnes & Noble is on). My band's new album is coming along slowly, surely and most certainly. The first song is quite cinematic. It starts off like a Mexican funeral or maybe an old Western channeling Justus D. Barnes. We always strive to keep people guessing. I'm acting in a film called "Counting To Infinity" quite soon and I'm excited about that; working on a song for the opening credits as well. Other than that I've been drinking lots of diet soda and reading the Wall Street Journal cover to cover just about every day. Serious, high octane excitement, I'll tell ya! Last night I fell asleep on my couch watching, one of my all-time favorites, American Psycho, and today I watched American Gangster. I suppose I was subliminally saluting our nation's birthday but didn't realize it until now. After watching the nearly 3-hour unrated version of A.G. I went searching for a Bobby Womack fix. I remember when I was bouncing at a bar on the L.E.S. one of the DJ's would always spin "Across 110th Street" while another DJ had an affinity for Jim Carroll's "People Who Died" and Two Gallants' "Steady Rollin" which I also didn't mind. Gosh, Lee Mazzilli is so fucking morose. He's like an undertaker.

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