29 July 2008

The Big Irish, R.I.P.

Since this blog has become a hot spot for food critique, I wanted to spread the word and share my grief that Bennigan's has apparently thrown in the towel.

"Bennigan's has closed their doors and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, shuttering more than 300 locations and letting go of thousands of employees. "

As you know Bennigan's allowed you to substitute a veggie burger for any of their burgers including The Big Motherfucking Irish. The last one I had was in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Big ol' steak knife stabbed through it. Mmmmm.

We'll miss you, Big I.

Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

oh the big irish veggie style...i will miss you dearly!

John said...

reading this made me kind of sad. there is a bennigans in fort worth texas that still has one of my spitwads on the wall near the ceiling. It's been there for 5 years now. I still have my friend check up on it every now and then. she went there last night, and it's all closed up.