18 July 2008

The Dragonfly Nymph

Blog's been suffering lately. The best I can do is an interesting link here or there. Shot a movie last weekend in New Haven. Can't recall if I mentioned that. New gig, working 12,13,14 hour days in a nameless glacier off 5th Avenue plus night school at the Executive Club two nights a week for my licenses. Yes, licenses plural. It's brutal but the way I see it I've had a pretty charmed life thus far so it's all right if Bret Easton Ellis has to suffer for a little while. Make some sacrifices. Felt like a real 2.2 kids white picket fence husband last night. Came home real late after class, pink Josef A. tie loosened, pink pinstripe Brooks Brothers sleeves rolled up, kissed Jewel on the head and helped myself to a few slices of neon yellow deli American cheese and a glass of soda, played tug of war with my dog, took my vitamins and peace pills and joined Jewel in bed. Total hard working husband fantasy. Turned the night light on real quick and told Jewel about a few new restaurants I'd spied in New York Magazine. A few documentaries I wanted to see. Dominic Noonan and some new 3 star Italian spot that spins The Itals instead of Tony Bennett. Sounds good to me. Passed out on the bus this morning. Dead tired from the night before. Had to catch a cab from 27th and 7th over to Little Brazil. Tonight I just wanna collapse into a cotton cloud. 48 hours of rest and then do it all over again. Mets are in first place! I have a cut on my right hand that looks like the stigmata. Must be all that Bauhaus I've been listening to. This little green dragonfly baby has been following me around. First on the train to New Haven last Friday then again this morning as I shaved in my bathroom mirror. I wonder who it is. It must be someone reincarnated following me. Her shimmering translucent wings are hypnotic. I think she might actually be a Damselfly, I'm not sure. This morning she sat on the mirror and watched me shave, patiently. I hope I see her again next Friday. Unfortunately I'm too busy to research if theres any symbolism behind dragonflies following you around.