09 July 2008

Fort Smith, Arkansas Are You With Me?

Sacha Baron Cohen a.k.a. Borat is at it again; tempting his fate with drunken rednecks this time portraying his gay, Austrian, fashionista character, Bruno.

This time he staged a UFC-type fight night in Arkansas for his new movie. Ads for the fight, "Blue Collar Brawlin'" promised "Hot Chicks, Cold Beer, Hardcore Fights" and were accompanied by pictures of a "scantily clad" woman. Can't beat that, right? Well imagine the dismay of the Arkansas wrasslin' fans when the dudes in the ring began undressing and making out with each other.

As one could imagine, the wrasslin' actors were forced to run for their lives as the 1,600-strong crowd pelted them with everything that wasn't nailed down from empty Solo cups to chairs.

Though I'm not entirely sure what's more depressing and sad: the fact that the Borat guy is making another movie or the fact that the meat of America is so ignorant and easily seduced with the promise of $1 beer and violence.

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen in cage fighting prank {Telegraph}


Anonymous said...

Check out another hilarious account of Sacha Baron Cohen duping an unsuspecting person: http://www.forward.com/articles/13679/.
The “Bruno” character also tricked an Israeli analyst described in a story in the Forward this week.

The comedian was dressed in studs and leather pretending to be a German rock star. According to the article, Yossi Alphers and a Palestinian colleague played it “straight and square” but realized that it was a joke when the interviewer confused Hamas and hummus. At one point the interviewer even claimed the Jennifer-Angelina conflict was worse than the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Anonymous said...

This on the heels of his 30 naked guys dancing in the Kansas City airport blowing whistles and playing with glowsticks....right on