22 July 2008

in a cool, dry place?

"Batteries in the Freezer" is a great name for a band so don't fucking steal it from me.

I have no idea where storing batteries in the freezer began but my grandmother did it (and still does it) and so I do it, too. I'm not sure if it works but its like second nature now. I buy batteries, they go right in the freezer.

Back in December 2001 some lads had a conversation about this very same issue on some Yahoo space. I'll let Deidre from Memphis do the honors.

Apparently there's an intricate underground network of "Battery Myth" discussions rife with those out to decry said myths.

The concept of a battery has always blown my mind. The idea of stored, situated power is pretty fucking amazing. Disposable little canisters of electrochemical reactions? Chemicals that produce electrons? That's pretty fucking cool if you ask me.

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