06 July 2008

Seulement dans Brooklyn

Stay with me on this one...

A van filled with explosives was found on 53rd and 2nd.

It was found by a car thief who was trying to steal it.

Car thief noticed it was filled with bombs so he moved it to a more desolate location and then called the fuzz. What a guy.

The bomb van seems to be linked to a landlord with a history of "bomb-making activities".

The landlord, a guy named Yung Tang, was recently charged and imprisoned for attempting to kill a tenant late on rent by setting a bomb under his car.

The van filled with bombs which was seized on Thursday was parked near where Tang once lived with his estranged wife.

The Daily News says that investigators "think he may have been planning to threaten his wife with explosives."
But here's the thing, Tang has been in a Rhode Island detention facility for the past few years.

Tang's lawyer said, "My guy has been in jail. What that means, I don't know. It makes an interesting news story, but I think he has the alibi of alibis."

Moral of the story: if you're going away on a trip, park your car down on Second Avenue and no one will fuck with it so long as it isn't filled with bombs.

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