14 July 2008

Time Flies...

A year ago Theresa Duncan was found dead, a suicide, inside the apartment she shared with her boyfriend Jeremy Blake at the rectory of the infamous St. Mark’s Church on Second Avenue. Theresa had fixed herself a lethal cocktail of sleeping pills and whiskey and never woke up.

Exactly a week later, July 17 2007, Jeremy took the train to Rockaway Beach, stripped off his clothes, left his wallet and a note behind and walked into the ocean, forever.

The story took the blogosphere (bleh) by storm. It was a seductive tale rife with heart wrenching tragedy, bittersweet beauty and enough mystery to envelope just about everyone who stumbled upon it.

According to published statements made by acquaintances of the haunted couple, Jeremy claimed he and Theresa were being followed and harassed by Scientologists in the months leading up to his disappearance.

The Golden Suicides {Vanity Fair}

Conspiracy of Two; Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake were talented young artists who were deeply in love. Their bizarre suicides have captivated the art world: Was it their brilliant imaginations that did them in {New York Magazine}


Anonymous said...

thank-you for remembering.

Anonymous said...

Just in time, Father Frank has be relieved of his duties at St. Marks. Too bad he and his sweetie covered up his real actions on that fateful evening.

Gotham City Insider said...

So why be anonymous and cryptic?

Be anonymous and come clean. Tell the tale. Isn't that what anonymity is for?

Anonymous said...

He's still listed on the St. Mark's site.

Anonymous said...