25 July 2008

Um, Guys?

A Qantas flight en route from London to Australia took a terrifying turn Friday when part of the fuselage burst open in mid flight. The Boeing 747-400 lost cabin pressure, and the pilots made an emergency landing in Manila. Here, Qantas pilot Capt. John Francis Bartels looks at the damage near the right wing and thinks to himself, "That sucks."

We flew the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services quite a bit over the years to and fro Australia and New Zealand. So this story hit home.

There were no injuries, but some passengers threw up and shit their pants after disembarking, said Octavio Lina, Manila International Airport's deputy manager for operations.

An official at the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the incident was not domestic, said initial reports show it was not related to terrorism.

Flight QF 30, from London to Melbourne, had just made a stopover in Hong Kong. "One hour into the flight there was a big bang, then the plane started going down," passenger Marina Scaffidi, 39, from Melbourne, told The Associated Press by phone from Manila airport. "There was wind swirling around the plane and some condensation." AOL has more on the story here.

The Flying Kangaroo is the world's second oldest continuously operating airline and the oldest in the English speaking world dating back to 1920.

It'll probably be about 3 years before they figure out what the fuck happened.

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