20 August 2008

We'll Take Manhattan

I'm down with the whole rooftop bar thing. I'm on the bandwagon; drinking the Kool Aid; in on the take, etc. But what is the deal with the mint mojito? Is it the official rooftop bar cocktail? Is it a social faux pas to order anything else these days? Gosh! But where else can you grab some after-hours libation sipped in style at a hotel sans room key whilst mingling among a mélange of the local and urbane. Where the clown tethered to his BlackBerry rubs elbows with the family from Saint Paul. The view from this particular rooftop bar is interesting because you can drink in the shadows of my past and current offices. Highly exciting.

1 comment:

Mas Triste said...

Cause if it is done right, it is outstanding.

Stay away from any mojito with fruit, even lime.