04 August 2008

Giving The Finger To Inanimate Objects

I've always wanted to start a photo blog of me just giving stuff the finger. To me there is nothing funnier. I started doing it to my girl's shoes when she'd leave them at my house and I'd send her pics of me giving her shoes the finger. Don't ask why but I find this endlessly hysterical. There is something about saying "Fuck you" to inanimate objects I find incredibly sublime.

This is my girl's stuff in my shower. She’s as sweet as tupelo honey and as gentle as the breeze. Therefore giving her stuff the finger is hysterical. Fuck all my girl's stuff in my shower.

I had to return this pillow. I can't remember why. I think it was too firm. Either way, fuck this firm pillow.

The people upstairs have 50 kids and they're always doing laundry. If they're not doing laundry they're screaming at each other or the kids. It's putting serious strain on the ceiling in my mudroom. Fuck the people upstairs that have 50 kids that are always doing laundry.

My dry cleaner didn't clean this shirt good enough for my standards. Fuck them. I need a "Do Over" ticket.