05 August 2008

Madonna: The Original Hipster

Admittedly in the late 80's/early 90's she did some cool shit that pissed of the Vatican properly. I dig some of her music and think she's gorge but other than that, Madonna is the O.G. hipster. She fits the bill precisely.

1. Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie John Paul George Ringo was born in Bay City, Michigan. (Population 34,026)
2. She came to New York to pursue her "modern dance" dreams.
3. She started dressing in clowny thrift clothes and rolling with the NYC art/heroin/disco/coke crowd.
4. She was broke and crashed on peoples floors while working at Dunkin' Donuts (these days she would have worked at Starbucks)
5. She started fucking drummers and starting bands.
6. Then she suddenly began speaking with an affected British accent even though she's really from Pontiac, Michigan.
7. Then she married a Brit and fully reinvented herself as this horse riding stately English mansionwoman.

is that a tambourine?


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