06 August 2008

O Starter, Starter, Wherefore Art Thou Starter?

Whatever happened to Starter? Back in the day I had a sweet matte-black Chicago Blackhawks Starter jacket with a red and heather gray UNLV cap to match. I'm not one of these 80's retro cats but I think I'd rock a UNLV Starter parka this winter if I could find one of the old ones even though it goes against my whole On The Waterfront / Winston Churchill style fantasy.

Last I heard Starter was planning a relaunch to capitalize on all this 80's hip hop nostalgia. A grip of different magazines and companies (Mass Appeal, Freshness, Hyperbeast, etc.) received surprise jackets in the mail to spread the word.

As of right now the Starter site links to a flaccid Wal-Mart shopping cart page with Boys' Mesh Soccer Goal Tee's. There's a cryptic
"Season Starts Soon" on the bottom of the site. Hmmmmm.
Let's hope it starts before my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Get ready to get jacked and run yo shit like it was 1989.