06 September 2008

Sur Pulvérise du Lait (On Powdered Milk)

To this day powdered milk is common in U.N. food aid supplies, fallout shelters, and warehouses. It is widely used in many developing countries because of reduced transport and storage costs (reduced bulk and weight, no refrigerated vehicles, etc.)

Survivalists, hikers and other lunatics who need to pack nonperishable, easy to prepare food swear by powdered milk.

So what's the deal with storms and powdered milk? Why should I stock up on powdered milk?

When was the last time you drank a glass of milk? When was the last time you were stuck inside your house for a days on end wishing you had a nice glass of milk? When was the last time you were stranded on an island dreaming of a frosty glass of fresh milk?

Your boy Marco Polo and the Mongolian Tatar troops back in the Kublai Kahn days may've loved their sun-dried skimmed milk paste but that was a long time ago. Lets move on from the powdered milk panic. In a time of hysteria, there are more important things you should be stockpiling.

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