11 October 2008



Anonymous said...

I'm shocked you like this. Really, truly, shocked.

Gotham City Insider said...

I know, I know, but I love her voice. I heard her on 1130 AM Bloomberg Radio of all places. It is VERY Starbucksy but its OK.

Its totally the type of music bald, mid-life crisising CFA's listen to with their top down cruising along PCH. Its like the new Steely Dan.

Anonymous said...

the old justin is, clearly, dead.

starbucksy BUT ok!?!?!?!?!
you better check yourself before you wreck yourself, niggah.
look around you.
who the EFF is allowing these musical choices?
don't let me find out...


Gotham City Insider said...

No, no, little person. I used to rock Tasmin Archer back in the day, too.

I'd listen to Black Flag, Bauhaus and Edie Brickell all in the same breath. You know that!

Besides whats wrong with a pumpkin latte and some James Taylor sings the hits? hahahaha