14 October 2008

So I had heartburn yesterday so I decided I needed a small vanilla milkshake. In Midtown? Whereto? Why, McDonalds of course!

I walk up to the guy,

"One small vanilla milkshake, please."
He sort of rolls his eyes around like he's thinking real hard, sucks his teeth, closes his eyes. Literally 4 seconds pass. I'm waiting... waiting... finally he spits it out,

"Uh... yeah... we ain't got no vanilla milkshakes today, uh, they coming out, like, a little chocolaty."

I turned around and walked out. Wow. Total Jedi Mind tricks. Ever deal with someone so dumb they just leave you speechless and numb?

*Insult to injury: Snow Patrol was playing on the McDonalds PA. Kill me.


Brooklyn Beat said...

You, at McDonalds ? Ya sure there's no meat in that ? No hoof secretions as a shake thickener ?

As a carnivore I can only say that if you ever turn up at a Mongolian BBQ or Argentinian charcuterie, please let me know so I can bring my camera phone.


Gotham City Insider said...

I went to an Outback once and I thought I heard flashbulbs. When I go to Bobby Van's after work I usually wear a mustache.

Anonymous said...

is it really necessary to call him dumb...

Gotham City Insider said...

Oh god, here we go...

He wasn't an individual with special needs. He was just a dude.