17 December 2008

There is no such thing as a recurring dream (reprise, no really)

What if your recurring dreams weren't recurring at all?

You know that dream you "always have"? Well maybe you just think you "always" have it. Maybe there's no such thing as a "recurring dream".

Surely you can dream that you were in a place before, right? In a past life or whatever you fancy. So what if that dream which feels so strangely familiar — so familiar you're sure its a recurring dream — is simply just another level in the depth of your latest dream? Do you follow?

What if you dreamt that you thought you'd had this dream before and therefore wake up thinking "Gee, I had that damn dream again!". This is all very possible; I don't even smoke jazz cigarettes and I've come to this cosmic conclusion.

What if whatever you dream tonight is so powerfully complex that you wake up tomorrow morning thinking, swearing you've been having that dream since you were a kid, when in fact that was all part of the dream itself; dreaming that you've had the dream before just like we sometimes dream we've been in a certain situation or place before.

So I've titled this entry "There is no such thing as a recurring dream" and that may be a very bold statement but think about it for a moment; how could you prove to me, or to anyone, that you've had such-and-such dream before? What if part of the dream was the (sup)planting of that false childhood memory?

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