29 January 2009

The Worlds Greatest Inventions

Sure there was Archimedes screw in 700 B.C.

We had the wonderful abacus in 190 A.D. The first flushing toilet in 1597 and the internal combustion engine back in 1859.

And who could ever forget the Mesopotamian wheel in 3500 B.C not to mention the light bulb, the telephone, the airplane and the aspirin?

But I am sober as a judge and as serious as a heart attack when I say the Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster made by Nostalgia Electrics™ needs to be added to this list IMMEDIATELY.

Not only does this Jetsonian contraption toast those Tofu Pups to a perfect g├╝lden brown but it will toast up dem bunz simultaneously! No more waiting for the dogs to be done in time with the brownin' of da bunz. It's all in one!

Look, when we were kids we thought by 2009 we'd be flying cars around the stratosphere. That shit ain't happening. But this is the closest thing to the future as you'll get for now.

Here is mine, hard at work:

1 comment:

Brooklyn Beat said...

Yo, Hot Dawg. They should add an undercarriage for fries, then it would be post-futuristic.

Hope things are cool in da future

(as in "Chef a da Future")