18 February 2009

I never bought into the mystical story Jim Morrison used to tell about driving with his family as a kid through New Mexico though I am reminded of it now.

My boy Jim used to say that when he was 4 years old, somewhere between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, he and his family came upon the aftermath of an awful car accident: a group of Indians were lying on the road, bleeding to death. And from that day on Jim said he'd always believed that the spirit of an Indian, a shaman, had entered his own soul as he passed by the scene as a young boy.

The more I read and hear about this chimpanzee story the worse my stomach ache gets. It's just so fucking sad and I feel like the spirit of this chimp has entered my soul and the soul of animal lovers everywhere...

The 911 call with Sandra Herold is just so fucking disturbing. Theres no other way to describe it. And the fact that she had to stab him with a butcher knife and pound him with a shovel to stop his rampage...

Then the cops showed up and they had to shoot this poor animal who then apparently turned around, full of bullet holes, and somehow sauntered back inside the house, went to his favorite spot and died.

But the worst part was her saying that after she stabbed he turned around and looked at her as if to say 'Mom, why did you do that to me?'... it just fills me with so much fucking sadness. I don't know what else to say except that I love animals and this is a horrible, tragic story.

R.I.P. angel

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Anonymous said...

Are u retarded so u care that a wild animal was killed and not that a human being is handicapped for life the owner of the chimp should be shot at close range its a WILD animal why are u having sex with it in your house Dumb whore!!