05 May 2009

I would like to report one stolen heart still beating. And if everyone is ready allow me to start this meeting: I found myself inside fluorescent rainbows of oil and asphalt. Why there's a mansion now where the construction site sat near the big blue salt. Urban hearts make for a concrete affair with white orchids, porcelain skin and angel hair. She was carved from a bar of Dove and dipped in gold. Her hands hidden in my pockets love like a cathedral from the cold. She heard me open the window inviting the diehard freeze. She laughed and gasped tickled with my head between her knees. It was behind the hedges where our secret love began. It was behind the hedges we found our fingers on the same hand. It was behind the hedges where we laughed and sometimes cried. It was behind the hedges where our love sat up and came alive.