05 June 2009

Current Affairs

From the mailbag of sorts:

Re: Barack Obama

"Did we elect an eloquent orator? A speechwriter?! Enough with the analogies - what have you DONE for me lately? What WILL you DO for me?"

"Has anyone else noticed Barack sounds like Jack Lemmon from "The Out Of Towners"? On certain words POTUS whistles the final syllables. Trust me, once you pick up on it you'll be hard pressed to ignore it ever again. You've been warned."

Re: David Carradine Found Dead

"Hang on a minute (no pun intended): David Carradine in Thailand. In a Bangkok motel room. Found with his hands tied behind his back. Hanging from the shower curtain rod... The man did not kill himself, folks. You don't need to be John Douglas to figure this one out. Check the Bangkok Yellow Pages under E for Escorts."

Re: Off-Duty Officer Is Fatally Shot by Police in Harlem

"Whether Omar J. Edwards or the cop who shot him was black or white is completely irrelevant. Omar was running down East 125th Street at night in his regular street clothes waving a gun around. Was it a tragedy? Yes. An awful accident. A horrible mistake. But race is completely irrelevant here."

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