29 June 2009

Letter I Sent To WLTW Lite-FM

When I want to take my midday nap I normally turn to 96.3 WQXR. However, this past Sunday I wasn't in the mood for Dvorak or Sibelius and so I turned to WLTW. I wanted to relax to the soothing sounds of some "lite" hits. I wanted to feel like I was in the back of a black Lincoln being driven home on the FDR. I wanted to feel like I was in the waiting room of my orthodontist; I just wanted to unwind and drift to sleep. Just as I started slowly spiraling into the shallow shores of my sweet afternoon cat nap "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor came on. "Eye of the Tiger by Survivor?! On Lite-FM?!", I thought. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the radio. I thought my sleepy mind was playing a joke on me. Alas, it was not a joke. Suddenly, the relaxing Lite-FM was playing one of the most well known HARD ROCK songs of all time? The song featured in Rocky 3 as he prepares for the fight of his life?! The same song played at sporting events across the world to incite and foment a crowd? So here I was about to drift into a lovely cat nap when suddenly a call to arms came across the airwaves! Suddenly I'm dreaming of Rocky Balboa climbing the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and drinking raw eggs and punching cold slabs of beef in a meat locker. Why on earth have you added this song to your rotation? Whatever studies you did are obviously wrong. Trust that no one wants to tune to Lite-FM, the bastion of soft hits, and hear "Eye of the Tiger".

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