22 July 2009

One Reporter's Opinion # 45

Now I ain't one of these bleeding heart pinko commie hippies and if you're familiar with this blog you know 9 times out of 10 I side with the cops - even though I grew up listening to Black Flag and The Dead Kennedys - THAT SAID, what ever happened to a cop just shooting someone in the leg? Like the good old days.

"Authorities say police fatally shot a Jersey City woman after she attacked them with a kitchen knife. Jersey City spokesman Stan Eason says two officers were responding to reports of a domestic dispute Tuesday night when the woman attacked them with a kitchen knife. Eason says the officers told her several times to drop the knife and that she refused and came at them. He says one officer shot her and she later died from her injuries. The woman was not identified. Eason says the officers were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Jersey City Medical Center."

You bring a gun to a gun fight, fine. It's kill or be killed. You lose. You shoot at a cop, he shoots back, aiming to kill. I'm all for it. But if someone charges at a cop with a kitchen knife (or anything besides another gun) couldn't the cop just shoot them in the knee, shut them up and sit them down? Y'know, like the good old days.

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Meirav said...

Have you ever tried to aim a gun at someone's knees?