31 October 2009

Free Event - Next Tuesday Nov 3 at NYU

As President Obama starts to rethink the decision to send increased troops to Afghanistan, many foreign policy experts insist the battle for hearts and minds should not be taking place in the treacherous mountains of that country, but in cities like New York, Berlin, Paris and London.

The recent arrest of suspected terrorist Najibullah Zazi in Queens puts the spotlight on a number of important aspects of our domestic counterterrorism program. First, as the memory of 9/11 fades, we are forced to face the fact that there are terrorists in this country intent on attacking us again. Second, the F.B.I. and New York Police Department remain engaged in a counter-productive bureaucratic struggle. Eight years after 9/11, what has been done to make the world a safer place?

The Center for Communication Presents...

"Eight Years Later: Lessons of Sept. 11"
with special guest speaker Peter Lance, five-time Emmy-winning investigative reporter, author, screenwriter and novelist.

Tuesday, November 3rd @ NYU Kimmel Student Center - Room 802
Starts at 6:30PM

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