11 October 2009

Serious Eats, seriously?! This past week SeriousEats.com declared Bagel Hole in Park Slope the best bagel shop in New York City. Are you fkdvk^&!)(FHSFw$* kidding me?! Gargiulo's was rocking last night with the fried mozzarella appetizer, a Southern Italian classic. It was much lighter than one would expect and quite sensuale served with grilled portobello mushrooms, red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Linguine pesto for the main course was so fresh I thought I'd fallen face first into my great-grandfathers garden on 17th Street. Gargiulo's also happens to have the best butter ever: Borden's salted. Very hard to find on the retail market. Must be a restaurants-only type thing. Bastards. L & B Spumoni Gardens finally has their amazing pumpkin ice cream in stock. Its worth the trip. Trust us. Question: how much do you think a diner should charge for a waffle with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries on top? I wanna take a poll. Life is short. Eat well.

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