14 January 2010

conversation with a canine

When I rubbed her belly she rumbled; and when I scratched her chest she purred. They say dogs can only sleep when and where they feel safe. I kissed her marbled head and she closed her eyes when I closed mine. I know because I peeked to check. She was smiling; asleep. She could somehow sense me watching her doze off and would open her eyes wide to catch me in the act. She'd lick my face with her awful but endearing breath after a few short scratches on her soft stomach as if to say, “Thanks for that but please continue" and I did. I could have lain there with her all day. She was silently inviting me into her nocturnal winter world of hibernation while master goes to work. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay but thought to myself, "Is there really anything more important than this small moment in time?". I had a conversation with a dog and spoke no words.

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