14 May 2007

About Us

We drive fast; we type even faster.

We editorialise, we journalise, we summarise, lie, cheat and steal.
We don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
We are devout subjectivists.
We have ferns in our office that need to be watered.
We aggregate jewels of news.
We place them in small, easily digestible piles not unlike an Appenzeller Mountain Dog; tireless and surefooted in the mountains; noisy and charming but wary of strangers.
We blur the lines of fact and fiction.

We do whatever we want.

We are the most manic blog on the interweb.
Updated every 3-4 seconds.

From the top top top tttoptttopttoptoptop of the Empire State Building:

We are Gotham City Insider.com.

And you are here.


"Without rules, there is no order"

Gotham City Insider (thats us!) welcomes your emails, tips, quips, stories and ideas. Anonymity will be assumed and guarded on all inside info, don’t worry. Just know that when you do email us, the correspondence becomes our property and we reserve the right to print and plagiarise it as content at our discretion unless you specifically tell us otherwise. We try like hell to respond to every email, but sometimes things fall through the cracks so don’t bitch. And chances are if you send us something we dig, we’ll just post it up and forget to tell you. Just check the site often, we’ll run out of ideas eventually and yours will get some sun.

Our resident Médecin d'Amour adores your letters and questions on love and matters of the heart and mind. Anonymity will always be assumed, we won't rat you out to your girl, so don't panic. Just send us something juicy and she'll sort it out for you like only she can. Email Queen Bianca Sunshine

Of course! We need the money for dog food. Email us for the rates.

For all intents and purposes, we are a gossip site that publishes conjecture, rumours and opinions but we also accurately report factual information; it all depends on what mood we’re in, therefore the site may contain errors or obvious inaccuracies. We do not guarantee, and no reliance should be placed upon, the reliability or factuality of our content. Though we will begrudgingly gladly correct all factual inaccuracies brought to our attention by all snarks living in walk-ups with laptops.

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Anonymous said...

I think you drive pretty damn slow.
What is this new job you have where there is foot scented candy and blog updates every 3 seconds?

Anonymous said...

fuckwhatyou heard. your words looked beautiful and read well on the webpage. i want to hear more.

Unknown said...

Gasoline is $2.29 at the BP in Wexford PA, that's about 10 miles north of Pittsburgh...How bout that?