24 May 2007

Lady Sovereign says she's sorry; review of Sir Daniel Johnston's invite-only SOHO loft soirée

From Brooklynvegan.com

  • Lady Sovereign cut short a PA set in Brooklyn last Friday night at Studio B following her performance supporting Gwen Stefani at PNC Bank Arts Center. Lady Sovereign cut her performance to just 2 tracks (she was booked to perform 4 tracks). She was only able to get on stage at 3:30am, two hours later than planned due to her tour bus breaking down on the way to Studio B (a fanbelt needed replacing). Following a long day driving from Bristow, VA and having already performed at PNC that night, tiredness set in and an emotional and short performance followed. Lady Sov says:
    "I know how stupid i must have looked on Friday, I was tired and not in the mood, having a bad day. But that's no excuse for letting fans down, I'm sorry to those that were at Studio B to see me"
    Lady Sovereign will return for a highly anticipated New York performance on July 7, at the exclusive opening night celebration of Spiegeltent. We will have the tour bus replaced prior to the event, and a great show is guaranteed.

    Let's chillax with the "guarantees", Bob.

  • The Daniel Johnston show was in this loft-office-production-company space in SOHO that fit about 125 people. Luckily there was free food there too, but sadly it mainly consisted of cocktail weiners (a.k.a. people that live in SOHO) and macaroni & cheese. On the way there I passed Fred Schneider of the B-52's going into the Antony-Nico Muhly-Final Fantasy $600 Kitchen performance that Lou Reed was also at to honor his wife/girlfriend Laurie Anderson. Kitchen co-sponsor and Daniel Johnston fan David Bowie was at neither performance.

    Daniel played for about 30 minutes - an acoustic set with Brett Hartenbach (who also played with him acoustic at Warsaw). The whole thing was being taped - part of some new series for something (not totally sure what). Daniel Johnston: The Reality Show?! I was also supposed to interview Daniel after the show - hopefully to clear up the air, but that ended up not working out. Maybe there's nothing to clear up.

    Twit said...

    She's really not worth spending any time thinking about.

    Anonymous said...

    I thought it was funny because she is such a brat