30 May 2007

Take me home tonight, I don't want to let you go till you see the light

  • Ah, Germany in June... I was there last year at this time and it was hot as fuck. Now, its snowing! ... Freak snow, freezing temperatures and tropical storms across Europe. The next person that says "global warming" is getting punched right in the dick.

  • Oh, Martha, there you go pissing off the American Indians again: Martha Stewart's attempt to trademark "Katonah'', a move that has already riled some of her village neighbours, has now upset some American Indians because the name originally belonged to a 17th-century chief.

  • Russians don't fuck around: A house in Finland (aww beautiful Finland) belonging to Andrei Nekrasov was ransacked. Nekrasov is the director of "Rebellion: The Litvinenko Case" a film about Russian spy Aleksandr Litvinenko, who died in London last year after being poisoned with radioactive polonium. We talk about this a lot on this site so you should know the players by now. You may recall the film was added to the Cannes Film Festival at the last minute and people freaked out.

  • Freak snow storm hits Nepal. Nepal?! The snow storm is said to have hit a mountainous area where hundreds of people had gathered to collect an herb locally known as Yarshagumba, which is thought to increase sex drive. Don't tell me these knuckleheads were harvesting Horny Goat Weed?!

  • Interview with the dude who books for Union Hall.

  • The 20 Best "That Guys" of All Time: You know those B-list character actors just talented enough secure bit parts in a handful of movies every year, but not quite talented enough to become brand-name stars? Yeah, them.

  • Yo, that Mets game last night was dope. Yankees still blowing ass, lost again, 14 1/2 games out now; they've got the same record as the goddamn Devil Rays. I mean its gotten so bad for the Yanks that opponents are stealing home on them. Ha!

  • What a friggin' knob: Woman emails local news show for help after becoming trapped in room behind knobless door. I'm sorry bt this could only happen in Canada.

  • Some dude stole a $988,000 gold bathtub from a hotel in Tokyo. Fuck, and I thought I was a bad ass stealing towels and pillows.

  • Photobucket to Become Part of MySpace; Fox News Corp. owns the world. Your mothers ass is still for sale however.

  • A man with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis ignored doctors' advice and took two trans-Atlantic flights, leading to the first U.S. government-ordered quarantine since 1963. The dude took one flight for his wedding and honeymoon and another because he feared for his life. Hundreds of health authorities around the world are now scrambling to track down passengers who were seated near the man for testing. Health officials said that the man had been advised not to fly and that he knew he could expose others when he boarded the jets from Atlanta to Paris, and later from Prague to Montreal. The man, however, said that doctors didn't order him not to fly and only suggested he put off his long-planned wedding in Greece. He knew he had a form of tuberculosis and that it was resistant to first-line drugs, but he didn't realize it could be so dangerous, he said. He flew to Paris on May 12 aboard Air France Flight 385. While in Europe, health authorities reached him with the news that further tests had revealed his TB was a rare, "extensively drug-resistant" form, far more dangerous than he knew. They ordered him into isolation, saying he should turn himself over to Italian officials. Instead, the man flew from Prague to Montreal on May 24 aboard Czech Air Flight 0104, then drove into the United States at the Champlain, N.Y., border crossing. He told the newspaper he was afraid that if he didn't get back to the U.S., he wouldn't get the treatment he needed to survive.


    Unknown said...

    we had a giant hail storm like our first day in germany

    Gotham City Insider said...


    Gotham City Insider said...

    Wait, no we didn't you dick, it was hot as fuck, I remember waiting for the buses at the airport and I was dying. What tour are u talkin about?