24 May 2007

Thursday morning; Half & Half and two Splenda

  • Pretty cool set of Dylan pics in honour of his birthday.

  • A sincere thanks goes out to all my Jewish friends and their ancestors, for today is Shavuot a.k.a. The Feast of Weeks. It marks the day the Torah was given at Mount Sinai. It also marks my joy that alternate sides were suspended today and I didn't have to move my two cars and my yacht. So to all my Jews I say LeChaim!

  • Michael Moore had his dick sucked up and down Cannes;
    "Sicko" does look amazing though and we can't wait for it. Here be the trailer...

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  • I find the term/word "portraiture" very bothersome.

  • Pics from the new White Stripes video on Stereogum

  • Custom motorcycle hearses for sale.

  • You Tube gettin' more people in trouble with their bosses... this time its a cop Tasering some dudes balls and laughing. Good times.

  • Government still doesn't want gay blood.

  • I saw most all of the WNBA Washington Mystics boarding a charter bus outside the InterContinental The Barclay New York this morning.

  • Most days are good, some not for a woman who is recovering from what has been called "internal decapitation." Shannon Malloy suffered "atlantooccipital dislocation" - that's what doctors call it. The force of her head hitting a car dashboard separated her skull from her spine. Uh...

  • 80-year old Fidel Castro Says He's Better; not only is he back to eating solid food, he's ready to kick some ass again.

  • An orangutan escaped from a zoo in Taiwan yesterday and terrified patrons at a nearby restaurant, overturning picnic tables and motorbikes and forcing terrified diners to cower inside the eatery. HAHAHA! YES!! Go get 'em!!! The orangutan, who pushed his way out of his cage before wandering into the restaurant, was subdued when an official shot him with a tranquilizer dart. He was carted off for treatment in the scoop of a small bulldozer. Awww. When he woke up he said "I'll have the Chicken Francese."

  • My boss couldn't believe I'd bought a $50 hat. It was actually $69, I just didn't wanna tell him. The most expensive hat I've ever bought - so far - was a Harris Tweed Borsalino (with ear flaps) in Germany. It was like $120 U.S. but I'll have that hat forever, meanwhile you're still rocking that same Mets cap from 1988's Kahn's Hot Dogs Mets Hat Giveaway night. This is one of the main reasons why I run with brand-name chicks and you be hanging with them bootleg ho's.

  • Ani DiFranco releases retrospective to remind everyone she's still around.

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