27 May 2007

Williamsburg gets a new park ... A new what?!

Click the pic to make it bigger. (Thats what she said)

It's not quite "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" but a brand new park is providing a public vantage point on the East River in Williamsburg.

The seven-acre state park finally opened yesterday at the end of North Ninth Street. It doesn't yet have a name or trees -- Oh Lord, please don't make the locals vote -- but several yokels were enjoying the grass (far out, man), picnic tables (pass the brie) and view on opening day.

The state bought the land for more than $7 million. It's part of a plan to redevelop former industrial areas along the north Brooklyn waterfront. Neighbourhood groups have been pushing for open space in the area for years; one "neighbourhood group" is actually called The Open Space Alliance or some shit.

Heres more to read if you're still hungry.

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