20 June 2007

Hello Wednesday

  • Through the beauty of hindsight (and considerable help from imdb) NEWS.com.au has compiled a list of movies that might have turned out quite differently had the original stars that were cast for the roles not passed on them. For instance, Bruce Willis turned down the role of Sam Wheat in Ghost, Nick Nolte turned down the role of Indiana Jones, which eventually went to Harrison Ford however Steven Spielberg originally wanted Tom Selleck to play Indy, Producers wanted Edward Norton to play Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, Leonardo Di Caprio was set to star, but had to drop it due to scheduling conflicts and Christian Bale wound up getting the role. Coppola suggested Warren Beatty, Alain Delon and Burt Reynolds to play the role of Michael Corleone which ultimately went to Al Pacino. Bruce Willis made Die Hard his own but not before Richard Gere, Sly Stallone, Burt Reynolds and Arnold Schwarzenegger had all passed on the role. You can read the rest of the list here.

  • So someone hipped Hillary to do a spoof on the Sopranos finale to tease her super big important announcement that she's decided on a campaign song. This is whats important these days?! So anyway, she picked Celine Dion's "You And I". Yes, Celine is awful but even more awful is that she's Canadian so I'm sure Hill will eventually catch some ish for having a Canadian anthem behind her campaign. Obama should point that out. Holla Obama!

  • Say it ain't so... Chachi, seen here with pal Jason Hervey a.k.a. Wayne from "The Wonder Years", is now joining the rank ranks of Flava Flav and Bret Michaels on VH1 to search for a soulmate. BARF. The show will follow Baio as he tries to find himself while enduring a mid-life crisis, wondering why he's still single and unable to settle down. Baio has agreed to fully surrender the next 8 weeks of his life to exhaustive introspection with a life coach named "Dr. Ali." Doc Ali will try to get to the core of his problem, and Scott will be forced to revisit some ex-girlfriends and take a vow of celibacy?! Let's make him eat bugs and snakes, too! Oh, by the way, Baio has a GF right now. What's up with that ish?!

  • I love you, baby. Keep your head up. One.

  • Elisabeth Hasselbeck did an interview with one of those Access Enterntainment Blowhard whatever-the-F shows and basically told Rosie to suck one the hard way. My girl Hasselbeck said she and Rosie did have a true friendship despite their divergent politics but that Rosie killed it when she talked ish about Hasselbeck on her stupid videoblog. Hasselbeck said she wanted to save what was left of the friendship but decided Rosie was a twazzole and closed the door. Peace, Rosie.

  • Speaking of Brosie, everyone be talking about her getting the job as the new host of The Price is Right. Shudder to think... Brosie says she'd love to have the gig but thinks CBS wants zany weatherman doofball Dave Price to take the reigns. What a f*cking mess.

  • We’ve gotten independent confirmation of rumours circulating yesterday that discussions between Fox and Yahoo, where Yahoo would effectively buy MySpace for 25% of the stock in the combined entity, have occured. If the transaction were to happen, that would value MySpace at a cool $12 billion based on the current value of Yahoo. That’s a not bad return on Fox’s initial investment of $580 million in the site which they bought only 2 years ago. And it will certainly signal that other social networks, particularly Facebook, are worth far more than most people currently estimate. Just last year Yahoo only valued Facebook at about $1.5 billion which is chumpc hange when industry analysts are pegging MySpace stock at north of $10 billion. I need a coffee.

  • Sewage flows down aisles of trans-Atlantic flight... passengers on a Continental Airlines flight had to hold their noses for SEVEN HOURS as sewage overflowed from toilets while they were high over the Atlantic. Roughly two hours into the flight from Amsterdam to Newark, the passengers were told the lavatories were out of commission... then they started overflowing, spewing sewage down the aisles. Wow.

  • More airline beef: 400 passengers were stranded aboard a Cathay Pacific Airways jet for more than seven hours Tuesday at San Francisco International Airport, adding yet another planeload of angry consumers to a growing industry backlash... meanwhile, another planeload of passengers spend five hours on the runway at LaGuardia.

  • Nissan studying possibility of launching $3,000-class car in India. I bet it'll look just as good as your Infiniti.

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