14 June 2007

People yelling and arguing on TV and stuff

  • So good ole "What's the Frequency Kenneth?" Dan Rather talked ish on Katie Couric. Les Moonves is Katie's bossman. Les stood up for Katie saying Rather's remarks were rather "sexist". Shameless Neil Cavuto had Dan on his show to fire back at Les. Did I lose you? Go here and watch Dan getting ross on Les. I love when rich people fight; it's so cute.

  • Michael Moore has beef with lots of ish. Yesterday it was the media's coverage of Iraq in the ramp up to the war. Moore decided to rip Good Morning America anchor Chris Cuomo a new one; blaming ABC and the other networks for failing to ask the tough questions. Right on, my brother! So naturally they started arguing and watching people argue on TV is always entertaining. Thanks, guys!

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