03 June 2007

World Coming Down

  • Your boy Russian President Putin has threatened to target Europe with missiles, including potentially nuclear weapons, in a dramatic escalation of his Cold War-style showdown with the United States. Putin said he considers U.S. plans to build an eastern European anti-missile site to shoot down Iranian missiles a provocation aimed at Russia.

  • Iran's president said the Lebanese and the Palestinians had pressed a "countdown button" to bring an end to Israel saying Israel should be "wiped off the map". "By God's will, we will witness the destruction of this regime in the near future," he said. He did not elaborate. When those dudes say shit like "God willing" I get rilly creeped out.

  • Protesters have clashed with police at a largely peaceful anti-globalisation rally in the German city of Rostock. Rocks, bottles, sticks and shopping carts have been hurled at riot police, who are using tear gas and batons charges to try to disperse the hundreds of rioters. Up the Punx!

  • Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan has decided to "pass" on this years MTV Movie Awards.

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