10 July 2007

Mardi Blah

The last of my furniture is arriving today; kitchen table & chairs and an old parlour chair for the living room. I'm plum excited with the apartment of my dreams, though I must admit I do miss apartment hunting. I love going to see spots I know I'd never move to just to see whats out there and what they're trying to charge for some of these places. I also get a kick out of having 19-year old real estate agents who've lived here for a year telling me all about the neighborhood I grew up in. I guess I'm just a real arsehole.

Every now and again I'll take a stroll down memory lane and log onto Craigslist and search "All apartments > Brooklyn > Bay Ridge > Dogs allowed > with images", y'know, just for fun. It's a wicked good time. I also watch Antiques Roadshow, lift weights and eat oatmeal. Oh, and I study for my Series 7 and listen to Eric B. and Rakim. Well, actually I eat the oatmeal while I study and I listen to Eric B. and Rakim while I lift weights. Let me tell you, I've got an exciting life; high octane fun sprinkled with reckless and wanton abandon.

Oh, and the candy lady downstairs is still rocking that goddamn gospel music. Yesterday around 4pm she had it bl'asting and this morning at 8:15 she was rocking some drum-n-bass gospel. I had no idea there were so many styles of gospel. Damn. I'm seriously this close to asking her what the deal is with all the gospel music. Today her store smelled like old bananas; 'twas gross.

I still haven't seen Crazy Love or the Edith Piaf movie and I've gotta see Sicko. I need to become a true creep and start going to see movies alone on the weekends. I've never minded movies alone though because its basically just 2 hours of silence so why bother going with someone else? Right? Right.

I'm really not into Japanese cars but it's got nothing to do with patriotism or any of that Made In The U.S.A. bravado, I just don't think they have the passion for the freedom of driving with the windows down on a beautiful day. They've got the passion for the gadgetry and the state-of-the-artness but I'd rather an American or a European luxury car. I don't want a computer car with all these Tron buttons and touch screens. Though, I must admit some of the newer Toyotas aren't bad and everyones got one now because they're affordable and seem to last forever. So, I don't know. I just don't know if I want a Japanese car; American, British, German or Italian is the way to go methinks if you've got the scratch. I also can't get behind the Japanese luxury cars; I just don't want a car that has a better or cheaper sibling.

For instance, if I'm in a Nissan, I know that theres the Infiniti which is better, but if I'm pushing an Infiniti I know its really just an expensive Nissan. You follow me, Holmes? Same goes for Honda and Acura, Toyota and Lexus. Dude's driving a beautiful $65,000 Lexus but its basically a $25,000 Toyota with some extra bells and whistles. I want a car where thats it; thats the car; theres no better or worse model out there.

I had a conversation with the dude who parks his Cadillac behind my house about cars; it was interesting and he made some good points.

What is the deal with dudes who come to work with their tie draped around their neck undone? I saw a dude on the highway yesterday with his tie hanging off the back of the drivers seat. Is it really that uncomfortable? Does it really take that long to put your tie on? Like you were running late already and fixing your tie would've just put you over the edge of lateness so you had to just toss it around your neck and run out the door? Geez Louise. I guess some people are busier than me. I heard a good quote once about busy people: "Busy people have more time than anyone." And it's so true. Think about it.

Did anyone catch Andy Rooney's segment on bottled water on 60 Minutes? It was très clever.

It freaks me out when I cruise through E-Z Pass and my radio signal distorts for a second. I feel like I'm being X-rayed and well, I guess I am being X-rayed and I don't like it.

I hope they find the assholes who shot those 2 cops the other night. 23-years old, shot in the face and neck, paralyzed, on life support... For what!? I think they're closing in on one of the dudes and I'm sure it'll all crumble from there. This morning I heard they found Popeyes fried chicken in the SUV so they're hoping to get some DNA evidence from it. I bet Popeyes is psyched on that mention.

Ok, Imma go aggregate some news for y'all. I promise it'll be très depressing.

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